March Journal Pages

I’m a bit late with my March pages, I need to stop neglecting this blog! In addition to my main art journal, I also made a small sketchbook to practice drawing every day (or most days!). After I made it, I had the idea to open up requests on Tumblr so that I wasn’t drawing […]


Listening Log: 2 February-4 April

Posting a listening log every Monday didn’t really work out too well! I’ve managed to listen to a lot so far this year, but not too much has spoken to me. I feel like enough time has passed to make a decent post about what I have been enjoying recently. I’ve even been to a couple […]


Cutting out the Middleman

I’ve just relaunched my Storenvy shop with new stickers! In the past few months I have dabbled with RedBubble and Society6, but haven’t been very satisfied with them. I decided to cut out the middleman and sell the stickers myself. Right now I have four designs available: Hopefully this will work out better for everyone […]


February Journal Pages

For such a short month, I got a lot of journaling done! I follow fyeahjournals on Tumblr, and they had mentioned challenging themselves to fill an entire journal in February (calling it #fillitfebruary). I usually don’t like to commit to challenges, but I have a lot of empty journals around and I had a theme […]


Illustrating Anonymous Thoughts

Yesterday one of my Tumblr friends reblogged a typical “send me asks” post, but with a twist. The post said: Anonymously tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about. However, she added that she would illustrate the responses. I thought this sounded like a fun idea and decided to offer the same to […]


For the Record: Leysan

Welcome to another installment of For the Record! From today, the interviews will be a regular feature again. Today’s Q&A is with Leysan (leysankin) who was kind enough to share her thoughts on journaling and her process: About Leysan I’m Leysan, a 23-year-old girl from Kazan, Russia. A few months ago I got a degree […]